Outland Firebowl Mega

$399.00 each

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  • Description

    Outland Firebowl Mega

    Perfect for Outdoor Recreation

    The Outland Firebowl has the sentiment of a traditional campfire, without the tireless back bending and fabric clinging smoke! Adding an authentic ambience to any atmosphere, the Outland Firebowl Mega is portable and convenient.

    As it is CSA approved and unthreatening towards most burn bans, feel free to pack up the Outland Firebowl Mega in your RV and hit the road for camping! With construction from high quality steel and a protective enamel finish, your Outland is guaranteed for long lasting durability.

    Not a camper? Not a problem. The Outland Firebowl Mega can be used in the backyard, patio or porch. Burning clean and smokeless, our Firebowls provide instant warmth and a genuine campfire experience anywhere you go.

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