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Wamsler Cookers

High efficiency solid fuel cookers. 

Wamsler Central Heating Cookers are high efficiency solid fuel cookers that are able to duct heat into your water supply, a stovetop jug, the lounge, and a succulent joint of roast meat at the same time. Renowned worldwide for their fine engineering and exhaustive list of functions, Wamsler was first established in Munich, Germany in 1875. 

By this point, they certainly know what they're doing.

 A leading innovator in the field of kitchen and heating appliances for many years, Heatrite has been the proud Kiwi distributor of Wamsler since 1992. Our comprehensive range of options includes cookers for cooking and heating only, 

wetback options and central heating models for running radiators. From the gorgeous K128 series — a compact solution — to the larger K134 model, which is primed to heat a farmhouse, there is a Wamsler to meet your needs. All available models are easy to use, provide excellent performance and will look great in any kitchen.

Cartherin Forres


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Cartherin Forres


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  • 7kW 
  • Cladding easy-care enamel 
  • With ground steel plate 
  • Large-capacity roasting tube with temperature display 
  • Summer/winter grate: Height-adjustable cast iron grate 
  • Screw feet for +5 cm 
  • Chrome-plated or brass stove rod included
  • Heater cover as special accessories 
  • Exhaust connections on the right or left: on the side, behind and above
  • Connection Ø 120mm 
  • HxWxD: 850 (+50)x715x600

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Wamsler Installation Clearances

Solid-fuel Cookers
 Models, K128, K134, K97A, K148, K178
Please Read Carefully 
These installation clearances comply with on AS/NZS 2918: 2001. It is recommended that the stove be installed by a craftsman plumber or a suitably qualified specialist in the installation of wet central heating and / or solid-fuel burning appliances.

A building consent is required for installation of any appliance of this type.

Any cooker with a boiler or wetback fitted must not be operated without the water supply connected.
Floor Protector Requirements
Wamsler solid-fuel appliances do not require an insulating floor protector

 This shall extend a minimum of 300mm in front of the cooker and extend 200mm either side of the fire box opening.

 With concrete slab floors no floor protector is required. However any floor coverings must be trimmed back to meet the sizes outlined in Minimum Clearances.
Special Note
These installation clearances over ride those listed in the owner’s manual supplied by the manufacturer in regards to clearances and hearth requirements.
Minimum Clearances

When positioning the cooker certain minimum clearances from combustible walls and kitchen units must be observed. MINIMUM CLEARANCES TO COMBUSTIBLE SURFACES

Rear (Measured from the top casting with lids) 150 mm (N.B) Rear (measured from the top casting without lids) 285 mm Side of cooker to side bench or vertical wall 220 mm
Rear (Measured from the top casting with lid) 150 mm (N.B) Rear (Measured from the top casting without lids) 310 mm Side of cooker to side bench or vertical wall 375 mm
Rear (Measured from the top casting with lids) 150 mm (N.B) Rear (Measured from the top casting without lids) 300 mm Side of cooker to side bench or vertical wall 305 mm
(Rear clearances only applies if lids are fitted to the cooker. The K134 does not have lids but is available with a stainless steel splash back). Clearances specified above may be reduced by the installation of protective screens as outlined in AS/NZS 2918: 2001

Flue Specifications
Inner Stainless Steel flue pipe 150mm Diameter (K148) 120mm Diameter (K128 & K134) Minimum flue length 4.2 Metres
Flue Offsets
Any abrupt change in flue angle will disturb the smooth flow of flue gases. The flue should be kept as vertical as possible to maintain the correct flue draft. (No more than two elbows of 45 degrees should be used).
Flue Cleaning
The flue will need regular cleaning. There must be cleaning access to the whole flue system. For back or side outlet flue from the appliance a Tee outlet is suggested with a cleaning cap.
New Zealand Distribution of Wamsler:
83 -85 Bourke Street, Palmerston North